10 Digestion Myths and Their Facts

10 Digestion Myths and Their Facts

There are many myths surrounding digestion and digestive problems, but many times the opposite of these myths are actually true. Here are some of the most common cases:

  1. Gum Takes 7 Years to Digest

Although gum is not actually digested in your stomach, it does not stick to your stomach walls for 7 years, but is moved out through the digestive system along with the other food you eat.

  1. Spicy Foods = Stomach Ulcers

Although hot or spicy food might make already existing ulcers feel worse, they do not actually cause them. Ulcers are commonly caused by infections or pain medications like ibuprofen or aspirin.

  1. Beans Mean the Most Gas

Beans do tend to make us a bit gassy; they are not the biggest culprit. Dairy products are the guilty party in this case, especially as we get older and our bodies aren’t as capable in digesting the lactose in dairy.

  1. Lactose Intolerant People Can’t Have Any Dairy

Most people are not lactose intolerant to such a degree that they will swell up and become gassy after a bite of cheese or a sip of milk. Lactose intolerance can vary in severity from people who can drink one glass of milk, to people who can eat yogurt, but not drink milk. There are many different scenarios.

  1. Smoking Reduces Heartburn

No it doesn’t, it actually increases heart burn. End of discussion.

  1. Aging Causes Constipation

Although it is more common in older people, age is not the reason for constipation. The problem comes when they start using different kinds of medication, some of which can cause the digestive system to work less effective than it should.

  1. Colonoscopies Are Scary

They are actually not that bad, as you are put under light sedation during the process and thanks to a liquid diet and some laxatives the day before, it is usually very smooth sailing.

  1. Sleep Sitting Up to Relieve Heartburn

It has not been proven in any way that this helps, so it is nothing more than an old wives’ tale.

  1. Your Diet is to Blame For IBS

It does play a role, yes, but it is not completely at fault. Many other factors like stress, anxiety or lifestyle factors can have a big impact on IBS.

  1. Stress Causes IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is due to an inflammation in the small or large intestines, and is much more likely to be caused by a virus or bacterial infection than by stress.

Alternative Treatment recommendations

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If you struggle with IBS, Constipations or Bloating, the Manna GUT Support can help you reinstate healthy bacteria, repair the inside lining of the colon and even help to improve digestion.

If you know that stress is the cause of your stomach problems, we strongly recommend the Manna Calmer (adult or extra strong) to help ease your nerves and protect your colon bacterium.

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