10 Tips on Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

10 Tips on Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

It would be absolutely cruel of me to tell you that you can’t eat holiday food over the festive season – not that you would actually listen. The main thing to keep in mind is portion control, so here are a few easy tips to help you keep the numbers on the scale as low as possible while you enjoy the holiday food:

  1. Never Walk In Hungry 

When you are heading over to a holiday party, chances are that it’s going to be a while before you eat. So when you finally do, overeating is probably where this train is heading.

The best thing to do is to have a light, healthy snack before you go and once you get there, start off with a few glasses of water.

  1. Divert Your Attention 

Although food is usually the main event of a holiday get-together, it should not be your main focus. Try directing your focus onto the people there and making conversation. Even though you would rather be gorging away at a piece of lemon meringue, it is better for your weight’s sake to be spacing out whilst listening to uncle Kevin tell that boring story of his fishing trip to Mozambique or wherever it was for the hundredth time.

  1. Pace Yourself 

Don’t go sprinting out of the blocks stuffing your face with as much food possible, as this makes you eat more and regret it afterwards. Rather take smaller bites, chew more slowly and put your fork down in between bites. Kind of like your teenage niece who is trying to look like a supermodel because “everybody at school is doing it”.

  1. Conquer the Buffet 

No, don’t conquer it by eating everything in it! You should be smart and sneaky by taking the smallest plate you can find, and not stacking it as high as possible. Stick with single layers on your plate, and rather make more trips if needed. Also go easy on the dips and sauces – they are usually high in calories and they don’t really make you feel full.

  1. Cut Down On the Booze 

Usually in these articles it’s about cutting back on calories, but when you are at a party with loads of food, alcohol can be even more dangerous. If you have a few drinks to many, you might also end up having a couple of servings too many as well due to a lack of judgment.

  1. Be Picky About Desserts

Desserts are the arch enemy of weight loss or weight maintenance. In order to make sure that they don’t get into too much of a battle, only eat some of the desserts that you REALLY like and even then, cut your usual portion in half. It might be hard at the time, but you’ll thank me in the long run.

  1. Bring Your Own Treats 

When you are unsure of what sinful treats the party will hold, rather bring your own. This way you can make sure you stay with you low-cal eating habits and people will most usually respect your brave efforts to keep the weight away.

  1. Limit Tasting While Cooking 

If you are in charge of the holiday cooking then you have to taste the food to make sure it is on par. But stick with one small taste instead of many tasting to “make sure” that it is still O.K. to eat!

  1. Walk It Off 

Taking a walk after you have eaten is a great way to get rid of some calories. Encourage everybody to get off their behinds and join in. If all goes well, this could even become a family tradition in the future.

  1. Blood Sugar Control 

Unfortunately your blood sugar levels don’t take a holiday break, so you still need to keep them in check. Remember to take your Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal, to control blood sugar levels, but also to control cravings and appetite. Happy holidays, folks.

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