3 Easy Tips for Cutting out Empty Calories

3 Easy Tips for Cutting out Empty Calories

Arguably the biggest source of empty calories in any diet lies in what you drink.

Soft drinks, fruit juice, and alcoholic beverages are some of the biggest culprits for making your calorie count soar. The consumption of these has increased three-fold over the past half century and has fueled the present obesity epidemic.

More than 20% of the sugar in our diet comes from sweetened beverages. Drinking diet cool drinks also hampers weight loss efforts as the artificial chemicals used to sweeten these drinks play havoc with your appetite control hormones, meaning you don’t get the signal to stop eating.

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Here are 3 easy tips to help you minimize the amount of empty calories in your diet…

Tip 1: Mind over Matter

It will take a firm commitment to eliminate sweetened and diet beverages from your diet. For many people, their drink of choice is a well-established habit and very difficult to eliminate from the diet.

Go slowly by cutting one serving every few days until you officially kick the habit.

Some research indicates that the caffeine in many soft drinks can have a mild addictive effect, so you’ll need to be strong in your resolve to cut soft drinks from your diet.

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Tip 2: Switch to Fresh Brewed Tea and Water

Nothing is more refreshing and thirst quenching than an ice cold glass of fresh brewed iced tea or a glass of filtered water.

Stay away from pre-mixed teas and opt for brewing your own tea or make a pitcher of tea. You can brew black, green or white tea and add the all-natural no-calorie sweetener stevia or Xylitol to suit your taste. Both tea and water provide essential hydration which will hold your appetite in check.

Tip 3: Keep Non-Sweetened Alternatives Handy

Make sure you always have plenty of cold alternative drinks on hand so you don’t have to give in to the temptation of an unhealthy sugary beverage.

You can slowly cut back and eliminate sweetened beverage by substituting healthy fresh brewed teas and water once you’ve made a permanent commitment to make the switch.

Cutting these nutrient void drinks will have a lasting and beneficial effect on your health and weight loss goals.


As blood sugar plays a major part in cool drink consumption behavior, you need to eat healthier and consume less sugar in general to have a more stable blood sugar level. Follow the Manna Diet, exercise and take the Manna Blood Sugar Support Supplement with each meal to control blood sugar levels, which will make it easier to kick the cool drink habit and lose weight as a bonus.


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