5 Top Foods for Controlling cravings – and Lose Weight!

5 Foods to Help Control CravingsCravings can ruin your diet plans and cause you to gain more weight. But what if there were foods that helped control your cravings in a healthy way without wrecking your diet?

  1. Apple- An apple a day not only keeps you healthy but also controls your hunger. Apples are rich in fiber which fills the stomach and controls the food craving for a long time. It takes more time and energy to chew apples thus making you feel that you have over-eaten. Apples are anti-inflammatory which helps lose weight!
  2. Vegetables- Having green vegetables in your diet is very nutritious. You can have leafy vegetables without worrying about putting on weight. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and carrots are filling food which controls hunger and appetite and keeps you healthy too. Vegetable soup or juice is filling and nutritious.
  3. Banana- Two bananas can control your hunger and keep you active. These energy booster fruit is healthy as it controls hunger and keeps you full for along time. So, if you are hungry, have two bananas. They provide energy to the body and the sugar content in banana controls hunger. Avoid having more than 2-3 bananas a day as they can add few extra pounds. You can also have banana pudding or just chew bananas with soy milk.
  4. Shrimps- These are not only less in calories but also control hunger. Include these food in your diet to lose weight and control appetite. You can have boiled shrimps with low fat cheese or sauce. It is filling and helps lose weight.
  5. Nuts- Almonds and pine nuts are filled with proteins and are rich source of fiber. They control appetite by increasing the production of appetite controlling hormones CCK and GLP1. You can enjoy these nuts as filling evening snacks or use as an ingredient with vegetables. Almonds and pine nuts are also less in calories which helps lose weight.

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Supplement to Control Cravings and Lose Weight

The Manna Blood Sugar Support Tablets, taken with food, slows down the absorption of glucose from the food to the blood stream, helping to control blood sugar levels and therefore curb cravings. This action helps you to stay fuller for longer and therefore you tend to eat less, losing weight in the process.


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