5 Steps for Weight Loss When You Are Insulin Resistant

5 Steps for Weight Loss When You Are Insulin Resistant

A waist measurement larger than 101 cm for men and larger than 88 cm for women is a major risk factor for insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is when your body doesn’t react to insulin correctly, and your pancreas has to produce more insulin in order to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Insulin resistance can lead to various other health issues like the metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and type 2-diabetes.

Here are 5 steps for losing weight and manage your insulin resistance…

Step 1:

High Insulin Levels and Weight

In order to manage insulin resistance and your weight, you need to first understand how it works.

In almost all cases, people with insulin resistance are overweight, and this weight is usually carried around the midsection. Losing weight can help improve insulin resistance, and even reverse it completely. However, weight loss can often be difficult with insulin resistance, as the higher levels of insulin in the body means that more fat is being stored. This can often make it feel as if you are swimming upstream.

Step 2:

Reducing Your Insulin Levels

In order to make weight-loss a bit easier, it is best to start by lowering your insulin levels. Since more insulin is released when you eat carbohydrates or sugar, it is advised that you follow a low-carb diet in order to minimise the amount of insulin being released by the pancreas.

Step 3:

Low-Carb Diets and Weight Loss

A lot work has gone into studies about low-carb diets and type 2 diabetes, and since type 2 diabetes and insulin are caused by the same root problem, a low-carb diet may be the perfect thing to help keep your insulin resistance at bay. When you manage how many carbs you eat, it can help you manage the amount of insulin in your body, which can in turn help you lose weight.

Step 4:

Restricting Your Carbs

In order to lower your carb intake, you are going to have to limit the amount of certain foods that you eat. Avoid foods like toast, subs, burgers, mashed potatoes, fries, spaghetti, pizzas, crackers, breakfast cereals, rice, pancakes and other baked goods.

Eliminate most fruits, milk and yogurt, as well as any food or beverages with added sugar, including sweets, soft drinks and desserts.

Step 5:

The Plan

Follow the Manna Diet in the free e-book. Follow this Healthy Low GI eating plan and control your portions to lose weight.

Take 2 Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets with each meal to ultimately control your sugar levels, curb cravings and to control appetite.

By controlling blood sugar levels, you not just control appetite and cravings, but you decrease insulin levels so that you can start losing weight.



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