5 Things to Eat on a Wheat Free Diet

5 Things to Eat on a Wheat Free Diet

Whilst a wheat free diet is not the same thing as a gluten free diet, they are relatively similar when it comes to what you should not eat. When it comes to these type of diets, everybody is quick to tell you what you should not eat, but nobody tells you what you should eat in order to still follow a healthy, balanced diet.

1. Grain Alternatives

Just because you are eliminating wheat from your diet does not mean that you are not allowed to have things like bread, cereal, or pasta. The key is to choose the right ones. Look for these products made from rice, soy, oats, or cornmeal. If your local supermarket does not stock these, you can find them at moth health shops.

There are also more and more wheat-free treats flooding the market, such as waffle and pancakes, cereal, and pasta.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

For the most part, fruits and veggies are naturally wheat-free. The best types to opt for would be fresh, canned, or frozen. Be careful for anything that is breaded, as it most likely contains wheat. And on a side note, steer clear of canned fruit with added sugar as it might be just as bad for you as wheat.

3. Eggs

Eggs are great because they are wheat-free, packed full of protein, can be prepared in various ways, and are not very expensive to buy. Be careful of things like quiches and souffl├ęs, just because they are largely made from eggs does not mean they are wheat-free.

4. Meat

Meat is naturally wheat-free and a great way to replace wheat. You can pick from chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish, and other seafood. Be careful for things like cold cuts, burger patties, or hotdog sausages as they may contain fillers that contain wheat.

5. Milk

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are great to add into a wheat-free diet as they do not contain wheat. Be careful when buying things like cottage cheese and malted milk as it may contain wheat, thus it is very important to read the label beforehand.


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