6 Simple Steps for Burning Fat without Losing Muscle

6 Simple Steps for Burning Fat without Losing Muscle

A lot of times when the scale tells us that we are losing weight, we are simply losing muscle mass. Follow these steps to burn fat instead of muscle:

Step 1: Reduce your calorie intake –

You don’t have to cut your calories in half; you just have to reduce your intake enough so that you don’t end up with too much energy for your body to burn. About 250 calories less per day should do it.

Step 2: Eat smaller meals, more often –

You can keep your energy levels up throughout the day by swopping out your 3 large meals with 5-7 smaller meals. This helps increase the metabolism and constantly supplies your muscles with the needed nutrients. Make sure that your meals are balanced and consist of foods like lean meat, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Step 3: Drink enough water –

Keep to the tried and tested number of 8 glasses per day. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but also flushes out toxins and helps speed up the metabolism.

Step 4: Cardio workout –

Cardio workout is very important as you need to get your heart rate up. It is much better to do short, powerful cardio workouts than long tedious routines. About 15-30 minutes of medium intensity cardio, 3 times per week is enough.

Step 5: Weight training –

Along with a cardio workout, you should have a balanced weight training routine to target all the muscle groups in your body. This will not only help build muscles, but help burn off excess calories.

Step 6: Weight loss supplements –

Take the Manna F.A.T. burner with every meal, because this natural product can help to increase your metabolism and increase your fat burning action even more while exercising. We also recommend a healthy diet, like the Manna Diet, because when you reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrates and reduce red meat consumption, you will see a drastic health improvement and weight reduction.

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