6 Steps to get rid of too much Acid in your body

Too Much Acid

Acidic foods and drinks can have several negative health effects when consumed in excess….

It can be difficult to avoid acidic foodstuffs in the modern Western diet – items ranging from salad dressings to sodas to fruit juices typically have a high acidity. In addition to eating acidic foods, the acidity of bodily fluids can be increased by high consumption of meat products and low consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Having too much acid in your body can cause you to feel generally not as well as you could, make you more susceptible to illness and cause ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux. While it’s important to have some acid in your body, you can get rid of too much acid by eating more alkalizing foods to help neutralize the pH in your body.

Keeping your pH around 7.35 and 7.45 keeps you primed for optimum health, and simply changing your diet to include more alkaline foods can help get you there. 

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Step 1

Start each morning off with fruit to help balance the acid in your body. Even fruits that seem acidic, like citrus fruits, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, have alkalizing properties once consumed and digested. Other good fruit choices include cherries, avocados, berries, and watermelon. 

Step 2

Choose leafy green vegetables for lunch. Studies published in a 2008 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that a diet rich in green vegetables helped to alkalize the body, neutralize acids and result in a decreased chance of osteoporosis. Brightly colored vegetables like carrots, beets, peppers and sweet potatoes are all highly alkalizing and can restore the pH balance in your body and blood to result in less acid in the body. 

Step 3

Avoid eating meat with your dinner. While most meals center around some kind of meat, animal products introduce acid into your body, especially beef, and pork products. If you feel like you need an extra boost in your protein level around dinner, try tofu, textured vegetable protein or soy products as a healthy and low-acid substitution. 

Step 4

Drink freshly prepared juices and smoothies to get as many alkalizing foods into your system as possible. You can add leafy greens to fruit juice to sweeten them up and make them more enjoyable. This ensures that you get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day to keep your pH at an optimum level. 

Step 5

Utilize spices in your cooking to help perk up otherwise bland eating. Cinnamon, nutmeg and paprika are all examples of spices that won’t introduce new acid into your body. Prepare the food in different ways to alter the flavor. Roasting or grilling fruits and vegetables can give them new and interesting flavors so that you’re more apt to enjoy them as you get rid of too much acid in your body naturally. 

Step 6

The Manna pH Balance was formulated to help with the excretion of excess acid from the body, creating a balance between acid and alkaline levels.

This product has been proven to be highly successful with the treatment of gout and certain forms of arthritis.

What out satisfied users say about Manna pH Balance

Since i use the pH balance tablets my stomach is no longer stiff i went to bathroom twice a day. I am not so sure but i have loose a kilo I don’t know if is my pH Balance tablet working.
I have given my sister one bottle she said I must put an order for her on the 15th, it does the job for her but she didn’t explain to me what kind of a job. Thanks to the pH balance I can even move faster than before. – Anna

I have started using the pH balance with the blood circulation support and experience a major difference in my finger joints. – Linda (verified owner)

I started taking Manna pH Balance after being diagnosed with osteo arthritis and odd attacks of Gout.
The Rheumatologist put me on a series of medication and not being a “pill” person have now replaced my Puricos with your formula.
At least I feel its a more natural ingredient as I believe all these drugs have side effects. I am gout free now for many many months thank you ! – Jill Scott



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  1. Pinky says

    Thank you for your emails which are info filled .I’m a health fanatic but recently my feet are swelling i do not know whether is the intake of too much acid or standing at home doing house chores or menopause?kindly advise.i am very happy to be part of your email recipients they are of best purpose and also share them with my friends.thank you for the free editions too as a health worker i share it with my community ,relatives and friends.

  2. Martie Kuhn says

    I ordered the PH Balance and I am really surprised about the product. There is a definite difference in my fingers – it still feels a bit stiff if I wake up – but it is not as painful as usual.
    I recommend the product to anybody who has trouble with too much acid an who struggles with osteo- arthritis.
    Thank you

  3. Hilda Kruger says

    I find that putting a slice of lemon into my jug of water for the day helps reduce my acidity.