6 Steps to Reduce Year-End Stress

6 Steps to Reduce Year-End Stress

The end of the year is creeping closer and your need for some time off is getting bigger and bigger. However, this might be a very stressful time of year, as you trying to get everything done coming down the home straight. Here are a few simple tips for keeping cool before the summer holiday:

  1. Exercise

The excuse of being too busy this time of year is often a good one to avoid exercise. However, this is one of the worst lies you can tell yourself, especially in a time that causes you stress! Exercise helps lessen stress as it gets your blood flowing and gets your mind off of things. And here’s the great part – you only need about 15 – 20 minutes each day!

  1. Diet

The most important part of your diet is ensuring that you have a good healthy breakfast. If you don’t you might start the day on the wrong foot, feel cranky and not be thinking as clearly as you should. Include food like fresh fruit, oats and dairy in your diet to ensure you get the needed vitamins. Throughout the day, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated in the summer weather.

If you are too busy for breakfast in the morning, try the Manna Low GI Shake, a complete meal in a glass, which can keep you satisfied up to 5 hours.

  1. Sleep

Research has shown that poor sleeping habits can increase your stress levels and be very bad for your health in general. In order to ensure you get enough sleep; stick to a good bedtime routine, exercise daily and try and stay away from things like caffeine in the late afternoon.

  1. Time Management

Although this might sound a bit extreme, it will really help to work out a schedule for everything for the next few weeks, and stick to it. Include everything on it like work, social life, exercise, hobbies and even your eating and sleeping times. Being very strict on this schedule at first will help you get into good habits.

  1. Good Attitude and Support

One of the best coping mechanisms for stress is a positive mindset. A little bit of self motivation can go a long way. Set yourself small, achievable goals with rewards. Along with this, make sure to surround yourself with positive, supportive people like friends and family.

  1. Supplement to reduce stress and increase brain function

The Manna Calmer (adult or extra) can both be used to calm the nerves and help you to cope even with stressful task. This all-natural dietary supplement can also help to increase brain function. Imagine the output of a calm sharp brain!

Manna Calmer

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  1. Celeste Ruiters says

    Yes I can relate to having to do exercises because it helps me a lot with my muscle spasms and the stretching is very good as well. I can feel a difference when I have been to gym. The older one gets the more difficult it is to get into doing exercises, so best to start now and not leave it for later.