6 Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake to Lose Weight

6 Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a struggle at the best of times, but a love for sugar can make it all the more so. The problem is that sugar has become such a big part of our daily diets that we don’t even notice which foods contain it and which foods don’t.

Many people are under the impression that you have to cut sugar out completely, but this is not necessarily the case. Just cutting back on your sugar consumption can go a long way.

The thing with cutting down on sugar is that it is often easier said than done, so here are 6 simple steps to help you in your weight-loss quest…

Step 1: Read food labels for sugar content.

The nutritional table on food labels is your friend. An easy way to choose your food is to look for the ones with less than 10 g of sugar per 100 g.

Also be weary of the other names for sugar, like sucrose, maltose, and dextrose.

Step 2: Reduce your sugar consumption gradually.

It is better to ease yourself into the habit of eating less sugar than it is to give it all up at once. Try cutting the amount of sugar that you put into food and drinks by half, as this will give your taste buds and brain the chance to adapt to things being less sweet.

Step 3: Steer clear of sugary soft drinks and fruit juices.

Usually we focus so much on what we eat that we completely neglect what we drink. Soft drinks and fruit juices can be extremely high in sugar, and can sometimes have the same calorie count as an entire meal! Make sure that you cut back on these types of beverages.

Step 4: Swap your cereal for oatmeal.

Cereals are usually packed with added sugar and often do not contain as much Fiber as they claim. A better breakfast option is a bowl of hot oatmeal, which is lower in sugar higher in Fiber. If you want something sweet, combine it with a fresh fruit in the morning.

Step 5: Eat low-calorie snacks.

Snacks are an important part of a weight-loss diet, as they help you get from one meal to the next without getting hungry. It is important to make sure that they are as healthy and as low in calories as possible. Make sure that you plan ahead and pack your snacks for the day so that you don’t need to grab a high-sugar snack during the day as you become hungry or need energy.

Step 6: Reduce sugar in recipes.

Try cutting back on the sugar in your food by swapping it out for things like apple sauce and sweetness-enhancing spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and apple pie spice.


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