7 Simple Snacks for Weight Loss

7 Simple Snacks for Weight Loss

Some people will tell you that snacking between meals will only cause you to overshoot your daily calorie allowance, but is that actually true?

While this might be true if you are having big meals and then snacking on all sorts of unhealthy things in between, the opposite can be true if you take the right approach to snacking.

The first step is to make your meals a bit smaller – and healthier! After this, plan healthy snacks between your meals that will help you get from one meal to the next without becoming too hungry. To make this process easier, try planning your meals ahead of time so that you don’t grab the most convenient unhealthy snack you can find. This will also help to make sure that you stay within your daily calorie limit.

Some of the best snacks for weight loss are…

  1. Trail Mix

You can buy a pre-mixed pack or make your own by mixing dried fruit, raisins, nuts, and seeds and putting it into a snack-size serving to take along with you wherever you go.

  1. Baby Carrots and Hummus

These are a healthy replacement for chip-and-dip. It is great for snacking while watching the game, or to eat at your desk while you are working.

  1. Yogurt With Berries

Yogurts and berries are a great way to start the morning, and an even better way to finish a meal! They can be used as a healthy snack, or a healthy dessert.

  1. Apple and Peanut Butter

This is an awesome sweet and crunchy snack that is packed with fiber and gives a great energy boost!

  1. Whole-Grain Crackers & Cheese

A few crackers with some good cheese or even low-fat cream cheese are a great snack. Make sure that you don’t overdo it since even whole-grain crackers can be quite high in calories.

  1. Healthy Energy Bar

Energy bars are some of the easiest and most convenient snacks, but you have to make sure that you choose the right ones. Look for something made out of “real” ingredients like raisins and oats. Make sure that it does not exceed 150 calories, and also no more than 15g of sugar.

  1. Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn, not the type that you get at the movie theater, can be a great low-cal snack. Not only does it keep your tummy from rumbling, it actually contains a fair amount of fiber, as well as a little bit of protein.


To control or eliminate snacking, follow the Manna Diet, which can help to control blood sugar levels. Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support with your main meals of the day. This product can help to curb food cravings and suppress appetite.

You can also replace 1 to 2 meals per day with the Manna Low GI Shake, because this meal replacement shake can help to make you feeling fuller for longer, which in turn eliminate constant snacking.


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