9 Tips to Ensure You Are Eating Healthy Carbs

9 Tips to Ensure You Are Eating Healthy Carbs

There are types of carbohydrates, namely simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are those that are quickly converted into energy, but come with the side effect of a blood sugar spike followed by a big blood sugar drop. Complex carbohydrates on the other hand take are turned into energy more slowly, but don’t cause such big fluctuations.

  1. Read the label –

An easy way to make sure about what’s in your food is by reading the label. Simple carbs will be sugars like sucrose, fructose, dextrose or maltose. A rule of thumb is the higher up they are on the ingredients list, the more added sugar the food contains.

It would seem the ideal would be to completely cut out simple carbs, but some foods contain simple sugars even if they are not processed foods. An example of this would be dairy products, as they contain milk sugar known as “lactose”.

  1. Get the right bread –

Most bread that you buy these days is made from processed grains so that they can have a longer shelf life. You should look for bread made from whole grains like barley, oats, or rye.

  1. Fruity goodness –

Fruit do contain natural simple sugars, but the fact that they also contain high amounts of fiber means that the sugar is absorbed more slowly. Good choices are fruits like apples, pears, and berries.

  1. Pick your poison –

Many people concentrate so much on what they eat, that they often neglect their drinks. A soft drink seems like a small amount to take in, so it should not make that much of a difference, right? Wrong. Most non-diet drinks on the market are packed to the brim in simple sugars as they contain loads of corn syrup and sucrose. Alcoholic beverages are also high in sugar, which is why most diets limit alcohol severely.

  1. Don’t sweeten the deal –

You should be very careful about what you use to sweeten coffee, tea or porridge. Just because it isn’t sugar, doesn’t mean it isn’t simple carbs. Things like maple syrup, turbinado and agave nectar should also be avoided.

  1. Pack in the beans –

Beans are a great source of complex carbs, and you have a wide variety to choose from, such as garbanzo, black, white, pinto or kidney beans. Split-peas and lentils are also good options.

  1. Pop some corn –

A great snack to have is some air popped popcorn, as it is a whole grain. Try stay away from the pre-flavored ones, and rather opt for something like dried herbs or natural spices.

  1. Rice things up –

Brown rice trumps white rice every time, as brown rice is a complex carb, as well as being high in fiber.

  1. Natural Supplements

Whatever carb you eat, always take the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with your food to control insulin levels for constant energy throughout the day.


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