Artificial sweeteners bad choice for weight loss

Sugar substitute

  • Many people make the mistake of eating foods with artificial sweeteners to help with weight loss. But while sugar substitutes may promise zero calories, the body processes them like sugar, causing weight gain, diabetes and other diseases. (Studies also continue to mount on the ill health effects caused by leading artificial sweeteners).
  • Diet soda for example has no calories, but the body treats the sugar substitute as sugar (not to mention diet sodas are loaded with sodium). As a result, the body releases unneeded insulin, which signals your body to store glucose (blood sugar) as fat. On average, people who drink diet soda daily and then stop can lose 2.5kg in 6 weeks with no other changes.

This becomes particularly important for people who use artificial sweeteners and suffer from insulin resistance. People who suffer from IR are able to make enough insulin, but the body doesn’t respond to it. As a result the body continues to make the insulin causing glucose to remain high and ultimately stored in the body as fat. This is what causes the “belly fat” that many people claim they cannot diet or exercise away.

Focusing on nutrient content of food in conjunction with low glycemic foods (foods that raise blood sugar slowly) is a better approach to weight loss. This decreases the amount of insulin your body releases, as well as the amount of fat that is stored.

Supplements can also help reverse insulin resistance. The Manna Blood Sugar Support tablets, when taken with food, slow down the uptake of glucose from the food to the blood stream, helping the body to require less insulin.

Of course, we cannot forget the importance of exercise’s role in weight loss, in particular, resistance training, which is imperative in order to build muscle. The more muscle mass you have, the more insulin sensitive your body is.

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