Balance Your Blood Sugar, Keep off the Weight

Balance Your Blood Sugar, Keep off the Weight

For many people the struggle is not losing weight, but ensuring that it stays lost! Statistics have shown that no more than 20 percent of people maintain their weight for more than 2 years after having reached their goal weight.

The reason for this is largely due to all the new fad-diets, which puts you on a strict crash-course where you starve yourself for two weeks or a month, and after that you are left hanging on your own and believing that you can eat what you want until the next fad comes along.

We have to look at a sustainable way to lose weight, and then stay on our goal weight. A great way to ensure that you build a solid base for weight maintenance is to ensure that your blood sugar levels are always balanced.

If not, a spike in your blood sugar (caused by carbs and sugars) levels causes insulin to be set free, which converts these carbs and sugars into energy that can be used to perform actions. The problem is when we don’t use this energy, because it is then stored as fat.

Severely low blood sugar levels are also not ideal, as the body goes into “starvation mode” where it stores fat for future use, and starts burning muscle mass instead!

The best thing you can do is to follow a healthy, balanced diet like the Manna Diet, which gives you enough glucose from healthy food choices, instead of the bad glucose found in unhealthy carbs and sugars. This diet also helps with stabilizing blood sugar levels, makes it easier to lose weight.

The easiest way to balance blood sugar levels is with the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement, which you can take with each meal to control blood sugar, cravings and appetite.

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