Blood Sugar Levels and Stress

Blood Sugar Levels and Stress

Stress causes the body to go back to primal survival instincts by activating the “fight or flight” mode. What then happens is the body makes sure that it has loads of sugar ready to be used as energy, and insulin levels decrease so that the body can make complete use of this sugar.

This isn’t a problem; because this can help you focus and perform better in certain situations. Where the problem comes in is when you don’t use this extra energy. As we all know, when we don’t use extra energy the body stores it as fat and we are all trying to avoid this.

Besides picking up unwanted weight, these spikes in your blood sugar levels can lead to even more worrying health issues such as diabetes and insulin resistance. This makes it clear why it is crucial to manage your stress levels properly.

Exercise –

We all know the feeling of relaxation and accomplishment we get when you’ve had a great exercise session. This doesn’t mean you have to go jogging for 10km; you can get exercise from things you enjoy.

If you don’t have a high intensity sport that you do, try something like tennis, squash or cycling. The biggest downfall of exercise is when you feel forced to do it, instead of doing it because you enjoy it.

It is recommended that you do about 20-30 minutes of intense exercise daily. The best exercise routine is one that is not only cardio, but includes light-medium weight training. If you don’t like going to the gym, get yourself some dumbbells that you can use at home.

Not only will exercise help relieve your stress levels internally, it will make you feel good about yourself and give you confidence, reducing stress even further. It is amazing how your mindset can affect your health!

Eat Yourself Calm –

Don’t get too excited, because you don’t eat yourself calm by taking comfort in a big piece of chocolate cake! Instead, try these simple changes in your diet in order to manage stress better:

  • Steer clear of simple sugars and refined carbs. Foods like chips, ice cream and cookies cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket. Since stress already makes your blood sugar levels rise, eating unhealthy foods can cause major chaos for your health. Instead of eating comfort foods, look for healthy alternatives that you like.
  • Cut the caffeine. Caffeine intensifies the effects of stress on your body as it causes similar reactions such as an increased heart rate.
  • Eat your veggies to get enough fiber. This will help you get the needed nutrients and protect your immune system.
  • Follow the easy Manna Diet in the free e-book.
  • Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support tablets with each meal to reduce the GI of the food you eat, which can help to keep blood sugar under control for a calmer mood.
  • Take one of the Manna Calmer products to cope with stress the natural way, without any side effects.

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