Blood Sugars, Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss

Blood Sugars, Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss

Most people think blood sugar control is only important to diabetics and insulin resistance – this is however not the case. When you consider how blood sugar levels, low carb diets and weight loss are intertwined, you can clearly see why it is important to keep your blood sugar levels steady.

Your blood sugar levels can be influenced by many things such as what you eat, how much exercise you get per day, and even certain medications you might use for other health issues.

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When considering the composition of your diet, protein and fat will not cause too much change to your blood sugar levels, whereas carbohydrates play a big role. Foods that contain carbs are digested and broken down into sugar, and this is what causes a spike in your blood sugar levels.

Foods with high carbohydrate content include: rice, pasta, cereal, cookies, and starchy veggies like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Not to exclude things like soft drinks, sweets and ice cream.

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We can classify a diet as “low-carb” when you eat less that 150 grams of carbs a day. Things to replace carbohydrate filled foods would be leafy greens, protein from meat, fish, chicken and eggs, as well as good fats like olive oil, farm butter and avocado. The Manna Diet is a very good example of a Low Carbohydrate lifestyle for healthy weight loss.

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A benefit you are more than likely to gain from a low carb diet is a sustained energy boost. Where carbs tend to suddenly pick up your energy levels, and then cause them to drop equally as suddenly, consuming less carbs helps decrease the fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. This helps you maintain your energy levels much better during meals.

A low carb diet may be very helpful for somebody suffering from type 2 diabetes, as diabetes is mainly due to unstable blood sugar levels. It is however recommended that you consult your doctor before making major dietary changes, as it might require you to adapt your medication.


For ease of mind, follow the very simple and easy Manna Diet as provided in the free e-book. Whatever diet you follow, take the Manna Blood Sugar Support with your 3 main meals to curb cravings and suppress appetite. When you start off on a low carb diet, you might experience food cravings and therefore the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement will help you to stay fuller for longer so that you don’t get cravings.

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