What Causes Brittle Nails During Menopause?

Brittle Nails during Menopause

Out of all the symptoms of menopause, cosmetic changes can at times be the hardest to deal with, robbing a woman of her sense of femininity and individuality.

Unfortunately during this time period, many women suffer from brittle nails, which occur naturally with age and hormonal changes.

What are the Characteristics of brittle nails?

If a woman has always had strong, healthy nails, she may not recognize the signs of brittle nails.

  • Feeling of dryness
  • Nails break, split, or chip easily
  • Nails are sunken in appearance
  • Nails curl around the finger tip
  • Color changes
  • Ridges on nails

What are the Common Causes of Brittle Nails?

While changes in nail appearance such as brittle nails can occur for a variety of reasons, the most likely cause for women of menopausal age is hormone fluctuation, particularly estrogen. One of the fundamental causes of weak or brittle nails is dehydration or lack of moisture in the body.

Estrogen plays a key role in body water regulation and water retention. When a woman’s body contains higher levels of estrogen, her overall body water levels will be higher as well, and correspondingly, when her estrogen levels are lower, this can lead to dehydration which manifests itself in such signs as dry, cracked, brittle nails.

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Some Additional causes…

In addition to hormonal causes, dietary issues and certain diseases can have an effect on nail growth. Certain nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, protein, iron, and fat all help to build strong healthy nails. Stress and anxiety can also slow nail growth and lead to weak or brittle nails.

Fortunately, nail health is relatively easy to build.

To banish the specter of brittle nails, it is best to use a tiered approach of treatment. Due to the fact that nail health in menopausal women involves both nutritional deficiencies as well as hormonal changes, there are two levels that the issue can be addressed on.

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Recommendation for treating brittle nails

It is generally recommended that women begin with the least invasive option, which would be lifestyle changes. If brittle nails are being caused due to stress or poor nutrition, eating a balanced diet rich in protein, fat, and vitamin C can be extremely beneficial.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult to implement all at once for a busy woman, however. The most effective approach, as brittle nails in menopausal women is primarily caused by fluctuating levels of estrogen that leads to dehydration, is to treat the problem directly at the hormonal source.

A variety of natural and alternative remedies exist that are able to address this imbalance.

A combination of lifestyle changes and alternative dietary supplements is the most effective and safest way to battle brittle nails.

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