Burning Fat and without losing muscle

Burning Fat and without losing muscle

Often we end up in a situation that we would like to lose some weight, but not by giving up muscle mass. Many people believe that you cannot lose fat without losing muscle; however, with a few simple dietary and exercise adjustments, it is completely possible.

These 6 simple steps can be used as excellent guidelines:

Step 1 – Cut down your calorie intake.

A rule of thumb is to take away about 250 calories per day in order to help yourself burn more calories than you eat. Also beware of sugar and refined carbs, as they can add up quickly.

Step 2 – Eat smaller meals, more often.

In order to increase your metabolism, make sure that you keep it active throughout the day by eating small, balanced meals every 3 – 4 hours. Make sure to keep your calorie count in mind and eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

Step 3 – Drink plenty of water.

Make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. It will help rid your body of toxins, as well as giving your metabolism a boost.

Step 4 – Cardio workout.

The first part of your workout is cardio. You should get about 20-30 minutes of high intensity cardio 3 or 4 times a week.

Step 5 – Weight training.

The second part of your workout routine is weight training. Weight training is great for losing weight, but it also builds muscle so this is a crucial part of your new routine.

Step 6 – Natural supplements.

Take the Manna F.A.T. burner with every meal, because this natural product will help to increase your metabolism and increase your fat burning action even more while exercising.

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