Can Peanut Butter Help You lose Weight?

Can Peanut Butter Help You lose Weight?

Most people regard peanut butter as a tasty treat that’s should be avoided when you are trying to shake off some weight. But is this actually true? Research suggests that peanut butter may actually help along your weight loss efforts if used correctly, since a small portion can easily make you feel full.

The key, as with any food, is to eat it in moderation. Peanut butter is relatively high in calories, so eating too much of it can quickly cause your daily calorie count to skyrocket.

Whilst there is actually a diet called the “Peanut Butter Diet”, it is recommended that you only include peanut butter as a part of a healthy, balanced diet.

It is best to first consult your health practitioner or dietitian to see what is best suited for you.

Concerns about Peanut Butter

Usually when you are trying to lose weight, you would try and reduce your calorie intake by eating low-calorie foods. However, when using peanut butter for weight loss, you are aiming to eat a high-calorie food, but in smaller portions. This might seem a bit unconventional, but peanut butter is very nutrient-dense, which means that it contains a lot of the nutrients we need, even when you eat a smaller portion of it.

Including Peanut Butter into Your Diet

When you just start dieting, you might often find yourself feeling hungry. Peanuts, tree nuts, and peanut butter may help you overcome this as they are all very nutrient-dense and can make help you stay fuller between meals.

The most important thing to remember is that peanut butter is not some sort of magic food that will make your fat melt away, but simply something that can help you lose weight more effectively. It should be part of a well-balanced eating plan and sufficient exercise.

You can include peanut butter into your diet in different ways, for example:

  • Spread it on toast
  • Add it to a smoothie
  • Stir it into your cereal or porridge instead of using sugar
  • Mix it with berries and seeds for a snack-paste

Selecting Peanut Butter

It is important to steer clear of peanut butter with added sugar and hydrogenated oils, as these are not as healthy as they seem to be. Rather opt for peanut butter with only “peanuts” listed as ingredients.

Weight Loss recommendation

If you are serious about weight loss, try to follow the Manna Diet. You can include peanut butter in your diet, but need to count the calories. To help with satiety, we recommend taking the Manna Blood Sugar Support with each meal, because this product can help to keep you fuller for longer when taken with normal healthy food.

Blood Sugar Support

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