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It is the age-old story, you make that pledge to honour a daily health routine and count every calorie you eat. Before long, you find yourself indulging in cookies and cupcakes behind your desk. Following fad diets and unhealthy food trends add to the battle of the modern-day bulge.

Committing to Change is Half the Battle Won

Losing weight can be tough, both mentally and physically, but small changes to your lifestyle can make the transition much easier. Finding healthier substitutes, for example, will really help you along your weight loss journey. Incorporating light exercise is another way to shed those extra kilos in a sustainable manner. Find a healthy strategy that works for you and your lifestyle.

Incorporate our Supplements with Your New Diet

Adding dietary supplements to your new meal plan can also help you curb those unhealthy cravings. Using meal replacements, such as Manna Health’s Low GI Shake, are convenient, and will keep you full, satisfied and energised.

Look at our range of weight loss supplements below and get in contact if you would like to place an online order.

Featured Product

Chocolate Shake

Low GI Shake

Stops cravings and provides correct energy without weight gain. Low GI, high fibre meal replacement. High nutritional value. Low GI and stops cravings. Cholesterol & Gluten Free. Available in various flavours.


Manna Blood Sugar Support 120

Blood Sugar Support

Use this vegan and GMO-free product to control cravings and maintain even blood sugar levels.


Fat Burner

Suppress cravings, boost your metabolism and covert excess fat into energy.

Manna Gut Support

Gut Support

Packed with probiotics and improves your digestive health and protects your intestines from harmful bacteria.

Energy Boost

Energy Boost

Naturally boosts your energy levels and assists with endurance based activities. Improves reaction time.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Builds immune system and reduces body fat deposits. Helps combat high blood pressure, osteoporosis etc.

Chocolate Shake

Manna Shake

Stops cravings and provides correct energy without weight gain. Low GI, high fiber meal replacement.

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