Combating Male Menopause and Low Testosterone

Combating Male Menopause and Low Testosterone

Testosterone isn’t just any hormone; it’s the hormone that turns a man into a manly-man.

Testosterone plays many roles in the male body like assisting in muscle building and making you feel young and fit.

Over the years, things like eating unhealthy or not exercising regularly can cause a man to start losing testosterone. Often times this can end up in a situation medically defined as “andropause”. This is basically “male menopause” or as it more commonly referred to, a midlife crisis.

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So how will you know when you start experiencing symptoms of andropause? Well, you’re most likely not going to be feeling up for the challenge in the bedroom, you might feel sort of tired due to lack of sleep, and you could even start forgetting things more easily.

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There is some good news, though: the effects of andropause can be severely lessened by using prevention techniques early on. This can be done largely by simply kicking your workout routine up a notch, and eating a bit more healthy. Furthermore something called “phytoestrogens” (estrogen-like compounds) are found in anything; certain plants and foods, shampoo, deodorant so you should carefully look at what you use, and preferably switch to organic food and maybe even organic cosmetic products. These “phytoestrogens” are “metabolic disruptors” that can slow down or alter the endocrine system, which controls your secretion of hormones.

It is also a good idea to get your testosterone and dihydrotestosterone checked the next time you visit your doctor in order to see if you should put in some extra effort in preventing a testosterone dip.

But what if you are already fast approaching your forties and have done nothing to prevent it? Here’s some more good news: you can also treat andropause to great effect.

You can start off with some exercise, eating a bit cleaner and getting some more sleep.

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But sometimes you need a bit of an extra boost, and that’s where we come in with a couple of supplements that will really help you with managing your testosterone levels:

  • The Manna Andropause supplement can help to increase testosterone the natural way, without any side effects.
  • The Manna T-Boost can help to overcome erectile dysfunction, if you have a problem in that division. You can use both the Andropause and the T-Boost simultaneously.
  •  If you are struggling with high stress levels and want to take a natural supplement with no side effects, the Manna Calmer (Adult or Extra) is the one to use.


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