Controlling Insulin for Weight Loss

Controlling Insulin for Weight Loss

When we look at weight gain and insulin in the body, we are actually staring a vicious cycle in the face. Too much excess fat causes the body to respond poorly to insulin, and then too much insulin can lead to weight gain. This cycle can lead to things like type-2 diabetes and insulin resistance, which makes it seem like an ever downward spiraling nightmare.

Well, here’s the good news: you can actually recover from this by managing the glucose in your body. Glucose, which is just a fancy term for different types of sugar, is responsible for insulin being released into your bloodstream.

When we eat something containing sugar, the pancreas releases insulin to try and stop the sugar from taking our blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, insulin’s other job is to help the body store excess glucose as fat.

How do we control our glucose, in order to control insulin? Well the answer is quite simple, but often not pleasant to hear – You have to cut back on your sugar intake. However, simply drinking one less sugar in your morning coffee isn’t going to do the trick. When we hear the word “sugar” we immediately think of something sweet, but it is a bit more than that, as it includes simple carbohydrates. This means that you should be weary of things like potato chips, white bread and rice, cake, cookies, sweets, and starches.

By now you might be sick and tired of hearing about the low-carb diets everybody is on, but in this case it might be just what you need. The main thing to remember is that is not simply about cutting out carbs, it is also about counting your calories. Where the lack of carbs will help your blood sugar levels to be a bit more stable, the weight loss part is done by staying within your daily calorie allowance.

You should also look at a proper exercise routine, as this helps maximize your calories burned. The best way is to do high intensity cardio, with some light to medium weight training as well.

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