Dealing With Low Testosterone Levels

Dealing With Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man, a man. If it wasn’t for this, you wouldn’t have a big woolly beard or sculpted muscles. And your voice would probably sound like that of a 10 year old girl. Unfortunately we are not like a good bottle of scotch that becomes better with age. Over time, we begin to have less and less of the magic hormone that we need to maintain our chiselled physique.

To add insult to injury, due to our modern day lifestyles there are more enemies to testosterone than aging, and we see that even young men are lacking a good dose of testosterone. We can blame things like genetics and something called “gland dysfunction”.

If you don’t watch out, a lack of testosterone could mean you start losing your strength and energy, start becoming fat, your bones become brittle and worst of all – lose your edge in the bedroom.

Well time for some good news – You can get your manliness back. Or at least make it less obvious.

To start off you should start hitting the gym more often. Combine cardio with plenty of weight training.

Alongside your workout, you should start eating better. Cutting out the junk and drinking less beer is a great way to give yourself a head start.

You should be eating a lot more food with vitamin E, which includes things like asparagus and almonds. Make sure to eat some eggs whenever you can, as they contain vitamin B. When you choosing what to put underneath your red meat, choose brown rice as it has zinc in it, which helps a lot with testosterone production.

To top off the lifestyle measures, make sure to get plenty of sleep. You have to face the fact that you aren’t at varsity anymore, and 4 hours just isn’t going to cut it.

Natural Supplements

Even if you are living and eating clean, with regular trips to the gym, it never hurts to have a good natural supplement. The Manna Andropause was formulated with well researched phyto-testosterone (plant based testosterones) to increase the declined levels in the most natural way.

If you struggle with low libido, you can also take the Manna T-Boost supplement with the Andropause.


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