Detox for Successful Weight Loss

Detox for Successful Weight Loss

Why a Detox is Important:

With all the pollution in the air, food and water these days, our bodies have a difficult time detoxifying themselves naturally. This results in excess toxins inside of us that are dangerous to the body, which leads to a defense mechanism where the toxins are covered with fat and mucus in order to protect itself from these toxins. When these toxins linger in our body, it opens us up for much bigger problems like chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes and even cancer. So in order to get your weight loss off to a good start, it is critical to first go through a good detox program.

Exercise Along With Detox

Exercise has countless health benefits, and one of these is helping to make your detox a success. Exercise helps clean your body from the inside out by speeding up the detoxification process. It does this because:

  • It helps the blood circulate throughout the body, transporting nutrients to the muscles and organs.
  • It gets lymph fluid circulating through the body, which removes toxins and harmful materials.
  • It helps move oxygen around the body, which means that all the cells in the body can perform their tasks to full effect.
  • And obviously, exercise helps you burn fat and lose weight.

The Manna 7-Day Damage control is not just a detoxification process, but also a way to normalize high Blood Sugar and Insulin levels; therefore you need to also take the Manna Blood Sugar Support tablets with each meal from day 4 of the detox program.

The 7-Day Damage control process is the key to prepare your body for weight loss; otherwise you will battle to lose weight. You will find this 7-day program in the Manna Diet e-book.

Blood Sugar Support

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