Diabetes and Carbs

The type of carbohydrates suitable for Diabetics remains an interesting discussion point. See this picture for a very good summary of how simple it is to make the right food choices.

Fill your plateb

Note: We recommend that you cut the Potatoes as well.

The Manna Diet in the free e-book consists of these foods and very nice recipes to follow.

We also recommend a good exercising program if you want to keep blood sugar levels stable and to reduce high insulin levels.

No matter what diet you follow, always take the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement (2 caplets with each meal), because this product helps to reduce the uptake of glucose from the food to the blood stream, which not helps with blood sugar control, but also assists in appetite and cravings control.

Blood Sugar Support-01b

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  1. Marilou says

    This was a very informative and motivational article
    Thanks for the e downloadable article