Diet Shakes: The Simplest Way to Diet

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Diet shakes and other meal replacements are a boon when you lack the time or motivation to shop for and prepare balanced meals. They also help when you just don’t want to think too hard about what to eat to lose weight.

If you are consistently missing a certain meal, such as breakfast, then a meal replacement shake is an excellent option. You need to have breakfast because studies show that it fosters long-term weight control.

However, dinner is where most people who use meal replacement shakes can get into trouble, because people eat at night to relieve tension from the day. Going overboard at dinner (and after) can effectively wipe out the calorie deficits that contribute to weight loss. You still need to eat a healthy, balanced meal at night if you want to lose and keep the weight off.

You may simply be too hungry to control yourself at the evening meal. If two diet shakes, which can amount to 450 calories or even less, is all you’ve had by dinnertime, you’ve only used up about one-third of your daily calorie allotment, so it’s little wonder you’re ravenous. Two midmeal snacks for a total of 400 calories help take the edge off evening hunger. Another option for keeping evening calorie consumption in check: Eat more at breakfast and lunch and choose a diet shake and salad for dinner instead of a full meal, always working within your calorie allowance.

How Long Can You Last on Diet Shakes?

Let’s say you’re losing a safe amount of weight with two diet shakes, two snacks, and a modest dinner every day. How long can you stay on this eating plan? Many people use the Shakes for the bulk of their meals for about three months, then maintain their weight loss for years by substituting a meal replacement shake for one meal on most days.

Research bears that out. In a Journal of the American Dietetic Association study published in 2001, women who lost weight on a reduced-calorie plan that included meal replacement beverages maintained their losses after a year by drinking at least one diet shake a day in place of a regular meal. Their counterparts in the study, who lost weight on a conventional low-fat diet that did not use meal replacement beverages, regained most of their initial weight.

The Bottom Line on Diet Shakes

Diet shakes are not the magic bullet in the battle of the bulge. Used judiciously, they can help you get started on weight loss or help you maintain a healthier weight. To lose weight or even to eat well while maintaining a healthy weight, you must be a vigilante and defend against the many temptations out there. Meal replacements shakes are easy, but they are also a lot healthier than most other choices you could make.

The Manna Low GI Shakes are the healthiest shakes on the market and a perfect meal replacement shake for one to two meals per day.

You can even drink the Chocolate and the Caramel shakes as a hot beverage during the cold winter days.

Try to follow the Manna Diet and replace any of the suggested meals with a Manna Shake to lose weight the healthy way.

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    Wau. Interesting. What if I want to gain weight. I work a lot throughout the day and could not have such time for lunch everyday. When I nock off, I am tired and sometimes don’t have appetite of eating.