Do you believe any of these 8 weight loss myths?


If your goal is to lose weight in the coming months, then it is imperative that you arm yourself with the right information. Believing in certain myths, can put water over the best of your efforts. Here are some common myths that a lot of people have.

Myth #1Skipping breakfast is good for weight loss:

You might think that skipping breakfast will keep your body hungry for a long time, and thus burn away fat. However, it doesn’t work like that. Studies have shown that skipping breakfast interferes with your metabolism and cause you overeat during the rest of the day. Ideally, you should eat a breakfast that is rich in protein.

Myth #2 – You should only do cardio for weight loss:

Some people just do cardio, because they think that weight training is meant only for muscular people. This notion is incorrect as weight training helps build lean muscle which will ensure that you keep on burning calories long after you’ve finished your workout. 

Myth #3 – I am doomed to be overweight:

Even though some people may seem to gain weight more easily than others, no one is doomed to overweight and obesity. With the right effort and guidance, everyone can change the way they look.

Myth #4 – Eating weight loss pills work:

If eating weight loss pills could help you lose weight, then so many people wouldn’t have been overweight. Advertisements on the television may promote such magic products, but they are usually ineffective. Exercise, proper diet and good sleep are the basic foundations of weight loss and they cannot be ignored.

Myth #5 – Fad diets are a quick and safe way:

Fad diets like Atkins diet, GM diet may promise speedy weight loss, but the lost weight will come back once you start eating your regular diet again. These diets are also unhealthy and can create a lot of health problems.

Myth #6 – It is not possible to lose weight without exercise:

Even though, we recommend that you exercise in order to burn calories, it is possible to lose weight without exercising as well. All you need to do is calculate the amount of calories you burn living a sedentary lifestyle, and consume lesser calories than that.

Myth #7- The more exercise, the better:

Even though most people don’t do enough exercise, there are some who push themselves way too much and risk injury. Diet plays a far bigger role in weight loss, than exercise.

Myth #8 – It is possible to lose weight from a specific area:

If you thought that you could just get rid of the fat on your abs by doing ab crunches, then you’re wrong. Spot reduction is one of the biggest myths floating around. You need to workout your entire body, and consume lesser calories than you burn in order to lose weight.


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