Don’t panic if you have signs of diabetes

Dont panic if you have signs of diabetes

Medicines aren’t always needed to manage blood sugar levels:

Research has shown that 1 in 3 adults around the globe show early signs of high blood sugar levels. Their blood sugar levels are not high enough in order to diagnose them with type 2 diabetes, so this condition has been given the name of “pre-diabetes”.

Although blood sugar levels can still be managed with relative ease at this stage, the risk of it developing into type 2 diabetes is much larger. The biggest concern is that about 90% of people with pre-diabetes, are unaware that they have this condition!

So what’s the best way to address the problem?

Do not panic and don’t try to do a quick fix by taking some sort of medication.

Start by making subtle lifestyle changes. If you need to lose weight, try to follow the Manna Diet, which can help you to lose weight the healthy way by reducing insulin levels and controlling blood sugar levels.

Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal to slow release the glucose from the food to the blood stream, helping to reduce insulin levels which can lead to weight loss and prevent diabetes.

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