Eat Yourself Skinny in the New Year

Eat Yourself Skinny in the New Year

It’s a new year and the perfect opportunity to start being more healthy. Since the year has barely kicked off, it means you have plenty of time to get into shape. This means no need for crash diets that are often unhealthy and even dangerous. The best way to make sure your weight loss is successful and to ensure you don’t pick that weight up again is to start seeing it as a healthy way of life instead of a diet. Here are a few “resolutions”, if you will, for your eating habits this year.

Eat more fruits and veggies

A simple way that you can do this without even keeping track is by simply adding one more fruit or veggie than usual to you your meal. Fruits or veggies make great snacks, so make sure you always have some in the fridge where it is easy to see or put some fruit on your kitchen counter.

Eat less fast food

Fast food is a major cause of rapid weight gain, and you should steer as far clear as possible. However, if you do find yourself in a situation that you have to order something at your local fast food joint, opt for a healthier option. Grilled chicken with a side salad or side veg is usually a good bet. And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t order a sugary soft drink with your meal – water is golden.

Eat out less

After a long day at the office, slaving away for an hour in front of the stove is not an appealing though whatsoever. Luckily most grocery stores these days have healthy, ready-to-eat meals that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. However, if your budget is a bit tighter, you can use a slow cooker to ensure your food is done and ready to eat when you get home, or you can make some food, freeze it and simply re-heat it when needed. The same rules apply when you do eat out as those when you are getting fast food.

Eat less sugar

A very simple way to cut down on sugar is by drinking less soft drinks. They contain loads of refined sugar and this can cause you to pack on weight even quicker.

Eat breakfast every day

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is somewhat overused but that does not make it any less true. If you do not feel hungry before you leave the house, make sure to pack something. Fruits, healthy snack bars or small containers of yogurt are great options. This will help the you don’t overeat at lunch and will help you be more focused and energized during the day.

Eat smart for/at parties

Deciding not to eat an entire bowl of chips at a part is just as important as eating a healthy meal or snack before you go to the party. Make sure to prep properly before you go to the party by having a snack and drinking enough water. When you are at the party it will be easier to resist unhealthy snacking or downing some drinks to try and quench your thirst.

Learn to say “No”

Whether it is your waiter, your friend, spouse or co-worker trying to encourage you to make the unhealthy choice, you should take a stand and say no. This can often be as simple as saying no to upsizing your meal or to an extra sauce on the side.

Don’t overeat

Small portions, more times a day are the way to go if you constantly feel hungry between meals. This helps to avoid overeating at lunch or dinner and it can help cut down on the calories tremendously.


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