Why do I Feel Bloated After Eating?

Feeling Bloated after Eating

Feeling bloated is not always just a sign of overeating. It can actually point to serious problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), coeliac disease, or high-stress levels.

You know when it feels like you have just eaten your entire birthday cake by yourself? That’s stomach bloating. It may come around even when you have not eaten anything, which is when you should start to worry…

How can I feel bloated if I have not eaten anything?

Stomach bloating often has absolutely nothing to do with eating. However, on other occasions, food might be the cause for it – but that is not to say that you have eaten too much. It might just be that you have eaten something that small that does not agree with your gut bacteria. It can even be triggered by something like a glass of water.

So what causes the type of bloating I should worry about?

The “type of bloating you should be worried about” usually refers to bloating that is classified as a health disorder, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, and general unexplained bloating.

This is usually the result of one of these 5 culprits…

  1. Hormones Going Up and Down

Women that have experienced menstrual bloating know exactly what this is about. Many believe this is due to fluid retention, but the truth is that it is actually caused by relaxing muscles.

When you are bloated before your period starts, it is thanks to higher progesterone levels in the body. This causes the tummy muscles to relax, which can cause:

  • The organs to have more space between them
  • A woman to look and feel “bigger”
  • Difficult bowel movements which can cause constipation

If you are unsure if you have a hormone imbalance, here are 12 tell-tale signs of hormone imbalance in women.

  1. A Healthy Diet

“Don’t you mean an UN-healthy diet?”

No. Healthy foods are generally high in fiber. Whilst fiber is a good thing, for the most part, too much fiber can actually ferment in the gut. This releases gasses, which makes you feel bloated and, well… gassy.

  1. Medication and Antibiotics

If you have not yet learned this, antibiotics kill the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. The good bacteria are needed in the gut to make sure all the processes are running smoothly and that we are staying healthy.

Antibiotics, along with medication like contraceptives, cortisone, and chronic medication can kill the good gut flora, which disrupts the delicate balance of good vs. bad bacteria in the gut. This causes you to feel bloated.

  1. Constant High-Stress Levels

Thanks to a strong link between the brain and the gut, anything bothering your mind can upset your gut. One of the things we see the most is people who are under a lot of stress usually also have tummy problems that range from diarrhea to constipation.

  1. Undiagnosed Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease is a fancy name for an allergy to gluten. At first, it sounded like a made-up disease, but studies done by many universities and institutes across the globe have come to the conclusion that it is actually a serious problem. You will generally notice having tummy problems after eating gluten, which includes food that contains wheat.

Read about 5 things to eat on a wheat free diet…

How do I get rid of this horrible bloated feeling?

Seeing that almost every instance of bloating can be somehow traced back to a problem with gut bacteria, that is where you should start. Do everything you can to make sure that the bacteria in your gut stays healthy and balanced.

The easiest way to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut is to get rid of the bad bacteria. Antibiotics will not help you do this, as it will also kill the good gut bacteria. You can kill the bad bacteria, but keep the good bacteria by cutting out refined carbs and sugar from your diet.

The Manna Diet in our FREE eBook is a well-rounded and balanced diet that helps illiminate sugar and unhealthy refined carbs in order to tackle many different health issues, getting you back to a healthier you.

To reinstate the “good” bacteria in the gut, we have formulated the Manna GUT Support, which includes not only the best and most needed probiotics, but also includes the most important digestive enzymes and an amino acid called L-Glutamine to repair the inside wall of the gut. This helps improve your immune system and keeps bloating away.

Don’t believe us? Listen to what our customers say.

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