Food for Improved Blood Circulation

Diet for Improved Blood Flow

Good blood circulation in the body is vital. When you there issues that prevent proper blood flow through your body, it opens the door for many health problems to the likes of heart disease and strokes.

Fortunately, this can be prevented a great deal by adjusting your diet:


If you have already been diagnosed with poor blood circulation and build-up in your arteries, it is a good idea to start out by using a product like Manna Blood Circulation Support which helps increase blood flow and therefore reduce high blood pressure. Mainly, these changes involve eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains, and less sugar, refined carbs and red meat. If you have high cholesterol levels, lower them with Manna Cholesterol Support.

Whole Grains

Simple changes like eating whole grain bread instead of white bread, and swapping out your sugary cereal for some cooked oats in the morning, will show improved cholesterol levels and lessen the risk of heardt disease.


If you change your helping of red meat to a helping at fish at least twice a week, it helps lower your risk of heart disease. The omega-3 fatty acids are very good in keeping the arteries clean and clear of build-up. Oily fish like mackerel and salmon are the best options.

Other Foods and Snacks

Stay away from deep-fried foods, and start eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Although it might be very tempting to order your food with a side of chips at the restaurant, go for the healthier option and get a salad or cooked veg.

For snacks, you should cut out the sweets and eat a little less biltong. A hand full of nuts like walnuts or almonds is a great snack if you are trying to prevent heart disease.

Blood Circulation

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