Foods to Avoid With Gout

Foods to Avoid With Gout

To break it down, gout is a form of arthritis due to high uric acid levels in the bloodstream. The uric acid forms a build-up around the joints which can cause swelling and inflammation.

When you suffer from gout, you should avoid food that contains purines, as the breakdown of purines is what causes uric acid.

Common foods to steer clear of when you have gout include:

Purine-Rich foods

As explained above, the breakdown of purines causes uric acid. Thus you should avoid foods like: liver, mussels, anchovies, spinach, asparagus, beef, and brewer’s yeast.

High-Protein Foods

When proteins are digested, they end up as uric acid. It is best to cut down on things like fish, poultry, eggs and red meat.

Refined Carbs

Avoid processed carbs like cookies, pasta, and bread as a carbohydrate overload in the body can cause a rise in the uric acid levels.


One of the biggest causes of gout attacks is alcohol. The reason for this is that alcohol prevents the uric acid from being flushed out of the body. When you are experiencing frequent gout attacks, cut out the alcohol and start drinking plenty of water.

Treating Gout:

Download the free Acid/Alkaline e-book with recipes and a list of food to avoid when you have high uric acid levels in the blood.

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