Foods to Avoid With Type 2 Diabetes

Foods to Avoid With Type 2 Diabetes

When we break it down to a simple and basic description, type 2 diabetes is due to blood sugar levels that are not balanced. And what causes blood sugar levels to go up and down the whole time? Yes that’s right, food. Some foods can help lower blood sugar levels, whilst others make it skyrocket completely.

Some of the most important foods that have a big influence on blood sugar levels include:


Low-fat options are usually a good choice as many processed fats can be very bad for your blood sugar and your overall health. It can lead to various other health complications which affect the heart and joints. Low-fat substitutes can help lower your blood sugar levels.

General Carbohydrates

Carbs are a part of any balanced diet, but they can often cause the blood sugar levels to spike very easily. A good way to choose the right carbohydrates is by opting for those with lower GI values. You have to monitor carbohydrates very closely as you can easily have too much and have a dilemma on your hands.


When your blood sugar levels are a bit unstable, it is best to steer clear of alcohol, as it can make your blood sugar shoot up after only a drink or two.


For a very simple and easy-to-follow menu plan, download the new and free Diabetic e-book from the Manna website. Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal to help control blood sugar levels, cravings and appetite.

Blood Sugar Support

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  1. Garry says

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    Overall I am well pleased with these two products and will continue to support Manna in this regard.

    I am about to start ordering the Manna for testosterone defficiancy shortly, and I am sure I will get good results from that as well.

    Well done Manna Health, good products.

  2. M Moyo says

    Ever since I started using manna blood sugar support my body is now able to control my sugar levels and am still taking my tablets Thank you Manna in Zimbabwe it’s hard to get your products