Greek Yogurt for Weight Loss

Greek Yogurt for Weight Loss

Whilst Greek yogurt itself does not burn fat or have any magical weight loss power, it might be used to great affect when added to your diet. Since Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, and it is an excellent source of satiating protein, it can be used together with many different meal–ideas.

Greek Yogurt Nutrition Basics:

Non-fat Greek yogurt might have a few more calories than regular non-fat yogurt (100 calories vs. 95 calories per 170 gram container), but Greek yogurt has more protein (17 grams) and less carbs (6 grams) compared to the 10 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbs in regular yogurt.

Protein and Weight Loss

Whilst plain, non-fat Greek yogurt contains slightly more calories than the regular non-fat yogurt, this calorie difference might actually be outweighed by the benefits you get from the extra protein in the Greek yogurt.

When more of the calories you eat are gained from protein, it can be beneficial to weight loss as it can help control hunger, preserve muscle mass, and increased calorie-burning power.

Greek Yogurt for Weight Loss

According to studies on a group of people who suffer from obesity, Greek yogurt seemed to have a positive effect on their weight loss efforts when compared to the control group that did not include Greek yogurt into their diet. Both groups followed the same exercise programs and diets (Excluding the Greek yogurt).

Adding Calcium to the Equation

Apart from the protein content, Greek yogurt is also higher in calcium than regular yogurt. The reason why this should be taken into account is because calcium is believed to be one of the main reasons why dairy foods help with weight loss. Make sure you’re getting enough other high-calcium foods like milk, cheese or fortified foods. The recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is 1,000 milligrams to 1,200 milligrams per day.

Tips and Servings

You can use plain Greek yogurt along with many different foods like putting it over fruit, using it to make smoothies, make healthy salad dressings, and even use it together with curry to blend the flavors for the best effect.

Cutting Calories is very important to lose weight

When you need to cut calories the healthy way, replace one to two meals per day with the Manna Low GI Shakes. Even when you drink it with milk, the total calorie value is only 285 per serving.

The Manna Shakes are also very high in natural calcium, fiber and protein to keep you satisfied for longer, helping to lose weight the healthy way. For a healthy lifestyle, follow the Manna Diet to regain your health and lose weight the natural way.

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  1. Jenny says

    Thank you for this article on Greek yoghurt. I have a shake every morning made with 4 tablespoons of plain low fat yoghurt and 250ml of water. Taken with 2 Blood Sugar caplets I am not hungry and feel satisfied until late morning. Although I have been put off Greek yoghurt because it is full cream, I will definitely try the shake now with Greek yoghurt.