Healthy Gut – Faster Weight Loss

While gut flora has tremendous benefits to various aspects of health, we’re going to focus in on its metabolic and immune properties since they help determine what you see in the mirror.

When you have trouble losing weight, you also more than likely have a gut health issue commonly known as ‘leaky gut.’ Your gut controls how efficiently you’ll lose weight and, to a larger extent, your metabolism as a whole.

A study done on mice has shown that your gut flora differs depending on your current body weight. The health of the gut was directly affected by weight, and the leaner subjects had the healthiest intestinal tract.

Remember, we have millions of strains of different types of bacteria, and each type has different effects on your appetite and metabolism.

Changes in our gut health can speed up the rate that we absorb fatty acids and carbohydrates, and can even increase how many calories we store as fat. With a troubled gut, you could eat the same amount of food as someone with better gut health, but your body will handle the calories differently. There is also a connection between leaky gut and increased production of the fat-storing hormone insulin and the hunger hormone leptin. 

Leaky Gut1

Quality Food, Healthy Gut

Your food quality might have the biggest impact on how healthy or unhealthy your gut truly is. The most common factors present in a diet that contribute to gut health issues are:

  • A lack of fiber
  • A diet high in wheat
  • Frequent use of cooking seed oils
  • Consistent and large intakes of sugar and refined carbohydrates

Since your body can’t break down or properly digest the nutrients in the foods above, you won’t feel as full or satisfied. Often, you’ll consume up to 30% more calories to achieve the same level of fullness offered by better foods.

If these factors are common in your diet, you might have a bit more to worry about. With a damaged gut lining, you’re also more likely to become hyper-sensitive to various foods.

Runny nose, joint pain, frequent illness, bloating and congestion are just some of the ‘popular’ issues that arise if our gut lining is damaged.

Any foreign substance that makes its way into your gut through cooking oils, environmental toxins or diet will increase an inflammatory response. This leads to increased cortisol production, which is directly linked to stubborn lower stomach and thigh fat.

You can also experience other nasty issues such as lowered testosterone and slower thyroid conversion. 

Watercolor brush strokesHappy Gut, Healthy Body

Now that we have an understanding of just how important gut health to losing stubborn fat, we need to address some issues in our diet to restore intestinal health. 

Treatment of the gut to restore its health

  1. Remove all hidden dangers in your diet! You should be following a proper diet, like the Manna Diet for fat loss. It also is important to know that most refined carbohydrates and seed oils can cause leaky gut. Remove all carbohydrates that aren’t fruit or vegetables for at least 7-days days. (Follow the 7-day damage control program)

If you don’t regularly consume fruits or vegetables, start with a serving of either at every meal. Don’t just start dumping a bunch of fruit into your system. You’ll know you’re repairing your gut health if you start to have an unusual amount of gas, which indicates that your gut flora is adjusting to the incoming fiber.

  1. Reinstate healthy flora, repair the damaged digestive enzymes and repair the inner lining of the gut with the Manna GUT Support supplement, packed with the right balance of probiotics, digestive enzymes and glutamine. Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support with the GUT Support product for optimal gut health, craving control and weight loss.
  2. Take a good form of omega 3 fish oil every day to help improve gut health.

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