Healthy Weight Loss Shake

Healthy Weight Loss Shake

Most people see weight loss shakes or diet shakes as a quick-fix to shake off a few kg’s. However, if you want to use health shakes to their full potential, you should see it as part of your lifestyle.

How exactly do you make it part of your lifestyle?

Well, relative to other healthy lifestyle changes, shakes are an easy one. You simply swop out one or two of your meals in a day with a health shake, and the lifestyle change is done. This comes with other benefits beside weight loss, like the fact that it takes almost no time to make. This means that it is the perfect meal at the end of a long, hard day at work.

I know many people are sceptical about weight loss shakes, so here are a few comments about the Manna Low GI Shake from some of our loving customers:

I’ve been using the Manna Low GI shake for 4 days and I can’t believe how it has helped my craving for sweet stuff. I use it as a meal-replacement shake for breakfast and lunch and I don’t feel hungry during the day, but I also don’t feel starved either. Thanks for a great product.” (Branden Grant)

I decided to join our ‘Skinny Club’ at school in October. The incentive was a money prize. We are 13 teachers in the club and I must say it was fun to lose weight with people who wanted to shed some kilos. The club didn’t give us a diet plan to work from so I surfed the net until I came across your web site. I liked the menu plan and I bought the blood sugar support tablets and the low GI shake. Well, I am 7.1kg’s lighter and I won the prize money. I still have a long way to go as I want to lose another 10 kg’s. I have stuck to your menu plan and exercising definitely helps. I look forward to your newsletters which are very helpful. Thank you.” (Dawn Murphy)

I just love the Manna Shake and has so far in one week lost 3 kilo’s. If only I had known of the Manna products earlier I would or should not have wasted money on all the other products I had attempted to lose weight on. Delicious and thanks for the blood sugar support for keeping the sugar cravings at bay.” (Mollie Louw)

I have tried other meal replacement shakes, but they have all left me starving within and hour, but the Manna Shakes are the best I’ve tried. I’m not hungry, no cravings and I am satisfied for up to 5 hours. This is a great product. Thanks” (Cindy)

Low GI Shake

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  1. Janine Van Willingh says

    I’m on the Manna shake and F.A.T burner and I must say it leaves me fuller for longer.