Hot Chocolate for Winter Weight Loss

Hot Chocolate

Imagine a lovely hot chocolate with enough goodness, minerals, essential sugars and fiber to keep you satisfied for hours. Imagine a hot chocolate which give you the comfort as good as any other famous hot chocolate, but one which don’t add to the winter weight gain list.

Take the Manna Low GI Chocolate Shake powder (1 to 2 scoops) in a large cup or mug and add steaming hot milk to it – stir well and sip the goodness of nature.

This hot chocolate is so potent that it can replace a complete meal

Low GI Shake Chocolate-01

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  1. Heather Neave says

    The Manna Shakes are amazing to have as hot drinks, on those cold winter nights. Because they are so full of all the essential minerals and sugars I dont feel like I am cheating as I do with normal Hot chocolate.