How Blood Sugar Levels Influence Food Cravings


Of course you know what a good diet is, and what you are supposed to be eating. But then along comes one of those nasty cravings for your favorite excess calorie food, and just as sure as the sun follows darkness, your diet will now have to start tomorrow. How did this happen? Could it be that your willpower is just incredibly weak? Or is it a more sinister plot, one that involves survival gone wrong?

A human study using brain imaging scans while monitoring blood sugar levels helps shed light on this very important topic. The issue is actually rather simple, and can be summed up as follows: At what point does your rather animalistic and stimulus-response subconscious brain exert so much power over your higher powered consciousness that you now eat things you know you shouldn’t?

Your subconscious brain is all about survival. For example, when a car pulls in front of you and you swerve to get out of the way, you do not stop to ponder your behavior and plan a careful course of action. Indeed, your subconscious brain senses a threat to survival and takes over complete control of your body so that you can react and survive – powerful stuff.

Food acquisition is all about survival and is tied, potentially, to these same powerful forces. Your brain runs on blood sugar; a steady flow of sugar to your brain indicates that everything is normal, and there is no need to panic.

However, this study shows that when blood sugar drops too low then your conscious level control center loses control and your subconscious control center takes over and demands that you eat high calorie food and do so now, as if you are trying to avoid some type of auto accident. I’m not making excuses for weak-willed people who don’t even try to control what they eat. I’m simply saying there is more to this issue than conscious willpower.

While any person will eventually get low blood sugar at some point if he or she doesn’t eat, a majority of people have physically unfit blood sugar metabolism systems that cause wild fluctuations in the blood sugar levels entering their brains. This in turn triggers food cravings so as to survive. This problem is due to overeating in general and snacking in particular, which dysregulate the leptin, insulin, and adiponectin systems that govern how sugar should be regulated under healthy circumstances. It is like having flabby and unfit muscles, except this is a flabby and unfit ability to get sugar to your brain in the proper way.

Control Blood Sugar Levels the easy way

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