How Diabetes Affects the Feet

How Diabetes Affects the Feet

Many people with diabetes have come to know a feeling of numbness or lack of sensation in their limbs, especially in their feet. The main reason for this is that high blood sugar levels tend to damage blood vessels and nerves over time. This makes it difficult for the blood to be circulated to the feet properly, and can cause a lack of sensation.

When this is left untreated, sores and cuts on the feet take very long to heal and may often be very painful. In some cases, blood circulation becomes so poor that an amputation is required.


High Blood Sugar Levels are most likely the cause for your diabetes and therefore it is advisable to keep these levels stable at all times by means of diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Make use of the diet and exercise suggestions as described in the free Manna Diabetes e-book. By taking the Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets with each meal, to reduce the glycemic index of the food you eat and therefore helping to control blood sugar levels and to reduce insulin requirements.

You can take the Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets with diabetic medication, but need to monitor blood sugar levels carefully, because it can drop too low. By changing your lifestyle and diet, you also need to adjust medication as blood sugar levels become more stable.

To increase blood flow in the legs and feet, you can use the Manna Blood Circulation Support, which can help to increase blood flow in a natural way without side effects.

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