How to Increase Gut Health and Control Blood Sugar

How to Increase Gut Health and Control Blood Sugar

The bacteria in your gut, also known as gut microbiota, is constantly changing due to factors like what we eat and drink, our blood sugar levels, and our physical activity level.

The bacteria in your gut is vital to your overall health, and even more important when it comes to your blood sugar levels which are directly related to diabetes.

A study that compared the bacteria in a healthy person to that of a person with diabetes revealed some interesting findings. It compared people that had different levels of blood sugar levels (Healthy, pre-diabetic, and diabetic) and how different levels of blood sugar control would affect their gut health.

They found that:

  • The control group who did not change their blood sugar control efforts experienced some decrease in good gut bacteria, and a slight increase in the bad gut bacteria.

They maintained a diet where they ate a combination of healthy foods and unhealthy foods, as well as just maintaining the same mediocre exercise routines that they always have.

  • The group that cared less for their blood sugar management had a severe decrease in good gut bacteria and a large increase in bad gut bacteria.

This group ate more unhealthy foods than they normally would, as well as decreasing their activity level.

Note: This was done as part of a study, and you should never try this for yourself to see the result for yourself. There are plenty of studies done on this if you are interested in knowing more about the negative effects of unhealthy living.

  • The group that made an effort to improve the way that they control their blood sugar levels saw a positive change in their good and bad gut bacteria levels.

The improvement group followed a healthy diet where they ate and drank minimal unhealthy foods, and they maintained a good exercise routine in order to ensure they were getting enough physical exercise.

The conclusion that can be made from this study is that the food we eat and the exercise we do does not only affect our blood sugar levels, but also our gut health. The more unhealthy foods like refined carbohydrates and sugar we eat, combined with a lack of physical exercise can cause our gut health to decline.

When our gut health is not up to standard, it can not only increase the risk for type-2 diabetes, it can also set us at risk for other health issues like obesity, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

The good news is that you can manage your gut health by making positive lifestyle changes, and in doing so you can lower your risk of diabetes and also increase your overall health.


Reinstating healthy bacteria can help you to balance the microbes in the digestive tract, which can prevent serious health issues such as diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and skin disorders. We recommend that you follow a healthy diet, like the Manna Diet and take the Manna GUT Support, with essential probiotics, digestive enzymes, colostrum and l-glutamine, to reinstate health to your digestive tract.


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