How to increase your metabolism

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While dieting and exercise are essential to achieving most exercise goals, it is also important that people maintain a high metabolism which goes hand-in-hand with the whole process.

Boosting your metabolism helps your body to increase the rate of weight or fat loss.

Below is some simple ways to easily boost your metabolism.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking a glass of chilled water first thing in the morning and continuing your water consumption throughout the day can boost your metabolic rate. Simply put, your body raises its core temperature by increasing metabolic processes to warm up the water to the body’s temperature.

  1. Have breakfast every morning

Ensure you always eat breakfast to jump-start the body’s metabolic processes first thing in the morning and also make sure you eat healthily and regularly throughout the day to continuously fuel the body with just enough food it needs without over or under-eating. This can help to ensure that the metabolic processes are always at work to use the fuel the body needs throughout the day with little storage.

  1. Consume less alcohol

It will help to skip the alcohol and miss a few nights at the bar. When you drink, your body will tend to burn less fat because it will be too busy trying to burn off the alcohol, which inevitably slows down your metabolism.

  1. Change exercise regimen

To boost your metabolism you may want to change your exercise regimen and try using high intensity interval training. This is using short, timed periods of exercise movements followed by equally short or even shorter periods of rest. This forces the body’s system to produce more energy faster to do the work. This increase in energy comes from metabolic reactions, thus an increase in metabolism to sustain the activity.

  1. Drink green tea

For centuries the Chinese have been drinking green tea and enjoying its benefits, and in recent times we are now understating its powers as a strong antioxidant and metabolic booster. The active ingredients are said to increase fat oxidation and energy from digestion. Thus, daily consumption also plays a role in increasing metabolism and fat loss.

  1. Increase protein intake

By simply increasing your protein intake you can encourage your body’s metabolic levels to increase. Your body digests and processes proteins slower than fats or carbohydrates. Therefore your body expends more energy in the uptake of nutrients for a high-protein diet.

The added benefit from a high-protein diet is the increase in lean muscle mass that it produces and preserves, which is the best fat burner of all.


Following a healthy diet is still the best long term way for longevity. You can follow the Manna Diet, exercise and take the Manna FAT Burner to help increase metabolism for effective weight loss.

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