5 Tips for Relieving Muscle Soreness after Exercise

Muscle Soreness

It is great to feel the burn of a great workout session for a few days afterwards. However, it can easily be overdone and become dangerous and very bad for your body.

Apart from the dangers it poses, recovering from muscle soreness more quickly means that you can put in another hard workout session much sooner.

Here are 5 great tips to help you along…

Tip 1: Rest Your Muscles

Rest is vital to give your muscle fibers time to repair and heal properly. Avoid straining or exercise the muscles until the soreness goes away.

Tip 2: Massage The Muscles

Massaging the muscles helps to restore blood flow and loosen the muscles up.

Gently rub or knead the muscles with your hands or an electric massager. If you can, make an appointment with a professional masseuse.

Tip 3: Apply Some Ice

Applying an ice pack to your sore muscles within 24 hours is a great way to help reduce the delayed onset muscle soreness and in the event the muscle has been injured, ice helps reduce the inflammation.

If you’re brave enough, take an ice bath. After the period of icing, apply heat.

Tip 4: Apply Some Heat

Soaking in a hot tub, taking a nice hot shower, or even applying a hot water bottle to the sore muscles can help dilate the blood vessels. This then helps restore the blood flow and relaxes the muscles.

Tip 5: Light Exercise

Perform some light exercise as this helps gently stretch the muscles.

Exercise such as walking, swimming, or extremely low-weight, low rep resistance training can keep the muscles from tightening and causing pain.

Like some of the other remedies, stretching and exercise will generate blood flow and keep the muscles loose.

Avoid strenuous exercise such as weightlifting high-impact cardio, which can exacerbate muscle soreness.


Recommendation for sore muscles after exercise

We suggest the all-natural Painful Muscle Gel from Natural Balance if your muscles are stiff and sore after exercise. This gel contains essential oils which penetrates the skin to work immediately after application. For fast effective pain relief, you can’t get better.

Painful Muscle Gel

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