How to Use Low Carb Dieting to Balance your Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

How to Use Low Carb Dieting to Balance your Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

It is a common misconception that balancing your blood sugar level is only for people with diabetes. The fact truth is that it can be beneficial to everyone, as blood sugar levels play an important part in many functions of our bodies.

Blood sugar levels can be tricky, as they shouldn’t be too high or too low. Finding a balance is important, as high blood sugar levels can lead to problems like nerve damage and organ damage. On the other hand, low blood sugar levels can cause you to feel irritated, drained of energy, and cause headaches

Everything we eat causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels, with carbohydrates causing the biggest fluctuations. That is why it is important to monitor what you eat, especially when it comes to carbs.

Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar Levels

Protein and fat does not have very much of an effect on our blood sugar levels, but carbohydrates have a huge impact.

Common foods that are high in carbohydrates are:

  • Grains like rice, couscous, pasta, cereal, baked goods, and potatoes.
  • Starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn.
  • Sugar like candy, sweets, soft drinks, and fruit juices.
  • Natural Foods like milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Low-Carb Diets

A diet is classified as low-carb when it contains less that 150g of carbs per day.

When reducing your carb intake, you can either reduce the portion size of carb-rich foods, or cut carbs from your diet as far as possible.

When cutting carbs, it is important to supplement your diet with plenty of:

  • Non-starchy veggies like leafy greens, mushrooms and asparagus.
  • Protein from fish, protein, eggs, meat, and cheese.
  •  Natural fats like butter, cream, avocado, nuts, and olive oil.

Energy Levels

Since eating fewer carbohydrates helps to minimize spikes in the blood sugar level, it means that you have more energy for longer periods of time. Furthermore, it also helps reduce cravings, which means that you are not constantly nibbling away at unhealthy snacks.

Type-2 Diabetes

Low-carb diets can work wonders for people with type-2 diabetes. Since type 2-diabetes is partly caused by a constant imbalance in the blood sugar levels, cutting out carbs and limiting blood sugar spikes can actually help make the disease more manageable. It can also help reduce some of the symptoms, and help avoid further complications.

However, it is advised that you speak to your doctor before you make any radical changes to your diet, as it may affect different individuals in different ways.

Manna Diet and Supplement

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