Improve Digestion for Efficient Weight loss

Improve Digestion for Efficient Weight loss

We are often so caught up in all kinds of diet fads that we tend to neglect the basics of how our bodies deal with weight loss. When we break it down to the core, we see that the way in which we digest food is one of the most important factors in how effectively we lose weight. If we are not digesting food properly, we cannot reap the full benefit of the food we eat.

Digestion is responsible for extracting all the needed nutrients from our foods, as well as disposing of the parts that we don’t use.

When our bodies do not digest the food properly, our metabolism slows down, calories get heaped up in the form of fat, and we start gaining weight.

Here are 5 easy steps to improve your digestion:

Step 1 – Improve Gut Flora and Digestive Enzymes:

Many factors for, our daily lives damage our gut health, including stress, eating unhealthy and taking medication such as antibiotics and cortisone. Put back the good flora and digestive enzymes with supplements like the Manna GUT Support and the Manna Blood Sugar Support.

Step 2 – Eliminate sugars and starches from your diet:

Bad flora in the gut lives off of sugars and starch, which means it takes much longer to get the good flora and enzymes back into place if you keep eating things like sweets, white bread and cake. This is why it is important to eliminate the source of the problem and cutting out these foods. Follow the Manna Diet Program in the free e-book to rectify gut health.

Step 3 – Eat less:

Eating less food means the digestive system has less work to do. This does not mean that you should skip meals or stop eating, simply cut down your portion size.

Step 4 – Eat more fiber-rich foods:

When you eat enough fiber, everything goes through your digestive tract a lot more smoothly. Eat foods like fresh fruit and veggies (especially apples), whole grains and beans to ensure you get enough fiber.

Step 5 – Exercise regularly:

When you exercise and get the blood flowing, it helps speed up all the processes in the body. Getting at least 20-30 minutes of intense exercise per day can help you digest food much more effectively and help you lose weight.

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