Increasing the Male Libido Naturally

Increasing the Male Libido Naturally

It is completely natural for the male sex drive to lessen as they age. This is mainly due to the decreasing testosterone levels in the body, and a tell-tale sign of when this is starting to happen is when the muscle mass starts to go down and fat takes it place. When looking deeper, an increase in the man’s estrogen levels might also be spotted whilst his testosterone levels go down.

Luckily there are ways how you can increase your libido, these include:

Step 1

Eat food that gives your libido a boost by giving it the needed tools to stimulate hormones and synthesize testosterone. Celery is high in androsterone, which is good for stimulating male hormones. Raw oysters are good examples of foods that stimulate sperm and testosterone production. Other foods include bananas, avocados and nuts.

Step 2

Reduce your stress. This might sound easier to do than it actually is, but the best way is to do things that help you relax, as often as possible. Take up a meditation, try Pilates, or just make sure to de-stress properly after a long week of work-induced stress.  You can also try the Manna Calmer (Adult or Extra) to help calm you down without any side effects.

Step 3

Discuss your decreasing sex drive with your partner. Being open and honest about it is the best thing to do, and together you can think about possible solutions.

Step 4

Exercise at least three to five times a week. Exercise helps promote the production of testosterone, and helps burn fat. This may lead to a reduction of estrogen, a female hormone that can inhibit your sex drive.

Step 5

Take an herbal supplement. Some, such as Manna T-Boost, have been proven to spark your libido and make noticeable changes to your sex drive.


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