Is a Low-Fat Diet Really The Way to GO?

Is a Low-Fat Diet Really The Way to GO?

Many people still believe that fat makes you fat, and therefore you should follow a low-fat diet. This means that as long as you are avoiding fat, you can eat whatever you want – be it pasta, bread, or a piece of cake.

The problem is that the main culprit in weight gain is not fat, but refined carbohydrates and sugar. The result of this is that many people have developed problems like insulin resistance and diabetes due to their low-fat diets where they get plenty of sugar and carbs. With problems like these, the insulin in your body does not do its job properly, and then ends up storing energy from food as fat.

Another big issue we face these days is stress from things like our jobs or our relationships. Stress hormones known as cortisol can keep us from losing the weight we have picked up, and can in fact cause us to pick up even more weight. Combine this with a low-fat, high-carb diet and you have a recipe for disaster!


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    The information in this article is spot-on. After suffering from T2D for more than 15 years following the conventional diabetic advice (eat low fat, eat snacks between meals to prevent your blood glucose levels from dropping, eating low GI food and exercise) , I experienced exactly what the the doctor predicted – it is a progressive condition that went from bad to worse. My glucose levels kept raing as did my weight. After reading some fascinating stuff on the internet, I then switched to LCHF and lo and behold, within 5 months I lost 10kg and my HbA1c reading dropped from 6.6 to 5.9 within 20 months. Now I refrain from eating carbs, eat lots of fat, eggs, low carb vegetables and limit my protein intake to 100 g per day. Lately I eat only one meal per day and I am rarely hunger!