Is the Sugar in Fruit Healthy or Unhealthy?

Is the Sugar in Fruit Healthy or Unhealthy?

It is one of the most natural instincts to crave something sweet. That’s why our tongues have a lot of receptors for sweet tastes! However, the body craves something sweet as a health-measure, as it is actually craving fresh fruit.

How often would you choose an apple above a freshly baked slice of cheesecake covered in chocolate and caramel? Exactly. Many food companies exploit this natural craving we get, and make their foods desirable to us when we crave something sweet.

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The problem is that all these refined sugars we find in sweets, baked goods and cold drinks are very bad for our health. They lead to issues such as diabetes and weight gain which can be avoided by not eating all the sweet-things that we shouldn’t.

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Fruits contain fructose, which are natural sugars and are good for the body and your health. Studies have shown that the sugar in fruit is in fact very good for you.

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