Known causes of Erectile Problems

Known causes of Erectile Problems

Real erectile dysfunction is more common in older men with other health issues. If you struggle with occasional erection problems, you probably don’t need medication for ED. There are several common reasons why you might have a temporary erectile problem.

Alcohol and Your Erections

While you may think of alcohol as being helpful to get you in the mood, it can cause sexual issues as well. Too much alcohol is poison to your body and to your erection. It acts as a depressant and it can depress your erection.

Heavy alcohol drinking is often associated with other conditions like obesity and high blood pressure that can cause ED. The best advice is not to rely on alcohol as a sexual stimulant. If you want to avoid erection problems, limit your alcohol to one or two drinks.

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How Nicotine Puts the Breaks on Erections

Smoking is another lifestyle choice that can cause erection problems. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which means it limits the flow of blood to the penis.

In one animal study, the negative effects of nicotine on an erection were found to be strong enough to overcome the effects of Viagra.

Other studies show that smoking is associated with low sex drive. In studies of men who had erection problems due to lack of blood supply to the penis, 87 to 97 percent were smokers.

Prescription Medications and Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes the remedy to other health problems may cause sexual issues. Men on prescription medications may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to their underlying disease but erection problems may also be caused by the medications themselves.

Some common medications that may cause erection problems include pain medications, decongestants, heart medicines, blood pressure medicines, and antidepressants. If you are on any prescription medications and you are having erection problems, talk to your doctor.

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Sexual Issues and Relationship Problems

Men who are in good relationships have fewer erection problems. It could be performance anxiety in a new relationship or the loss of interest in sex in an older relationship. These problems can build, and temporary sexual issues can become real erectile dysfunction problems.

Lack of desire can lead to avoidance which can lead to fear and anxiety. If you are having relationship problems, couples counseling might be a good solution. Improving your relationship may help with your erection problems.

Stress, Anxiety, and Erections

Stress and anxiety can cause sexual issues. Stress, fear, anxiety, worry, and frustration cause your body to release adrenaline which constricts your blood vessels, and that is bad for getting a good erection. When your mind is on problems at work or financial worries, it is not on having good sex.

Emotional issues like stress and anxiety may account for up to 20 percent of all erection problems. Talk to your partner if you are too stressed for sex. If emotional issues are overwhelming your ability to cope, you may need to talk to a mental health professional.

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How Fatigue Can Affect Erections

It is well known that fatigue is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Being chronically overtired affects your interest in having sex.

The simplest solution is to get regular exercise and get a good night’s sleep. If you find that you are frequently too tired to have sex, it could be something more serious like sleep apnea. It has been shown that not getting enough oxygen while sleeping, which happens in sleep apnea, can be a cause of ED. If you are too tired for sex, talk to your doctor.

Depression’s Effect on Erections

The chemicals made in your brain determine how well your penis functions. Common symptoms of depression include not having any interest in sex and having frequent erection problems. It can be a two-way street.

Depression can lead to erection problems, and erection problems can lead to depression. If you are feeling down most of the time and you seem to have lost interest in sex as well as other things you once enjoyed, talk to your doctor.

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Natural Treatment for ED

We recommend that you first need to adjust to a healthy diet, because a poor diet can lead to several health issues, like diabetes and poor blood circulation.

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