Lemon water adds to a healthier lifestyle

Lemon Water

We regularly add citrus fruit, especially lemons, to our drinks, in lemon-aide, and to teas and just to iced water to jazz it up a little. We all should drink water and by adding lemons it will add a little flavouring and encourage you to drink more water, which is beneficial to your health in several ways.

Many people are deficient in a wide variety of nutrients, leading to bodies that can become highly acidic. However, to maintain good sustainable health it is better for you if your blood is slightly alkaline, meaning your pH needs to be above 7. People can suffer severe reactions and the body can stop functioning if the pH falls below 6.8. Adding fresh lemons to water will help balance the pH levels in your body.

Most pure, clean water has a pH of exactly 7. The average pH level of human blood is between 7.35 and 7.45. Most think lemons are acidic (citric acid), however they have an alkalizing effect on our body. Not only does lemon water have a positive effect on the body’s pH factor, it provides your body with vitamin C and also assists in removing body toxins and helps fight off viruses.

Living, breathing and eating subjects the human body to stress; we inhale pollutions and eat toxins. Lemon water is a liver stimulant, which eliminates or greatly reduces the toxins from your blood. It increases the production and control of bile and improves digestion, while protecting the lining of the stomach. The removal of those toxins helps the gallbladder and kidneys also work at optimal levels of efficiency, as well.

The vitamin C from lemons is an antioxidant that is essential for a healthy immune system, and targets inflammation, which makes it an excellent dietary addition for people who suffer from inflammatory conditions, such as asthma.

Free radicals contribute to the appearance of aging and have a negative effect on your skin. The antioxidants in lemon water target those free radicals, creating clearer skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The quantity of lemon water you consume has a direct effect on your skin.

Your body is constantly generating new cells, so when injuries occur a healthy body heals more effectively. With adequate vitamin C in your body, you will already have healthier skin, teeth, bones and joints, and if an injury occurs, additional vitamin C gives it an extra healing boost.

If you are overweight, drinking lemon water can curb some of your hunger cravings because you feel more satisfied than drinking water alone and for a longer period of time. So have it available and instead of mindless snacking, drink more lemon water.

Of course, no one food item, not even the marvellous, vitamin C-filled lemon will cure all health problems. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle by sleeping enough, exercising enough and eating a balanced diet, but adding lemons and enough water to your diet may help you experience many positive health benefits for minimal effort and expense, plus it tastes good, so why not add another time-tested healthy choice to your sustainable lifestyle?

Another way to reduce high Acid levels in the body

We always recommend healthy food before any supplementation or medication. However, some people struggle so much with acidity that lemon don’t give any relief. When the acidity is too high we strongly recommend the Manna PH Balance to excrete excess uric acid for effective relief and prevention of gout and arthritis related problems.

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