Low Estrogen Levels can lead to Heart Attack

Low estrogen Levels could lead to heart attack

Low estrogen levels usually occur in women who are going through menopause but can also occur suddenly if a woman has a hysterectomy that includes the removal of the ovaries.

Some of the symptoms of low estrogen levels include but are not limited to fatigue, hot flashes, cold chills, joint pain, headaches, depression, dry skin, back pain, brain fog, water gain, and weight gain. Although going through menopause can seem overwhelming the woman with a plan to approach the changes with a positive attitude will be able to put the changes into perspective and turn the negative experience into a positive one.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women over the age of 75, but the alarming truth is that more and more younger women are dying of heart attacks.

After menopause, women lose their ability to produce the hormone estrogen and researchers believe that low estrogen levels somehow make women more vulnerable to heart disease and heart attack.

As estrogen levels decline, the risk of heart disease and heart attack get higher.

Eliminate the Risk of Heart Disease and Heart attack as well as all other Menopausal symptoms by following a healthy diet, taking the Manna Menopause Support supplement and exercise.

Moderate exercise and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a simple prescription to help a woman experience menopause in a positive way.

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